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FACT: Paranoia & Corona Virus have the World going Insane!

Take a look at the news:

Social and political tension, global health concerns, governments unwilling to work with one another…


Everything seems uncertain and out of control!

And in those moments of uncertainty and crippling anxiety, who’s always there by your side?



Getting your pet approved as an ESA will ensure you can be with them no matter what.

Live and be with your pet anywhere, even if they have a "No Pets" policy.

Gain ability to bring your pet to stores, restaurants, hotels, ride shares & more

Fly with your pet for free in case you need to get out of town for safety.

Save money by eliminating costly pet deposits and waive fees.

Having your pet with you always is one of the best known ways to relieve stress and anxiety. In fact, it’s critical for ensuring your emotional wellbeing during these times of great despair. That’s why it’s urgent to get your pet approved now as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) while our doctors are still available to help! With floods of new patients getting Corona our healthcare system is becoming overwhelmed and our doctors may no longer be available to help with matters like ESA Approvals. 

It’s time to act now and get your pet in while you can under full protection of federal law!


Click the button below to take the quiz and qualify online instantly.

Order to get your pet(s) approved for housing, travel and going around town.

In 24-48 hours a doctor in your state will electronically send your ESA documents.

Federal laws protect your rights*



100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason your request is not approved by the reviewing doctor we will refund your money in full 100%. No questions asked!

Licensed Doctor's Letters

Support Pets works exclusively with licensed doctors in every state. Your ESA documentation will be doctor signed and include all license credentials.

24-48 Hour ESA Delivery

Don’t wait for weeks to get approved and take the chance of being separated from your pet. Get your ESA documentation in 24-48 hours.

99% Acceptance

Protect your rights to be with your pets always. You have the Federal law is on your side. Don't miss this chace to QUALIFY INSTANTLY NOW

Federal laws protect your rights*


An ESA approval is the only legal instrument to secure your right to stay with your pet without worrying about life circumstances setting you apart.

Getting your pet ESA approved by a licensed doctor in your state is now quicker and easier while the window of opportunity is still here and our doctors are available. ESA approvals let you live with freedom in any apartment building, complex or house— even ones with “No Pets” policies. Travel with your pet on airplanes in case of emergency or for pleasure without additional costs or complications. You’ll even find it easy to bring your ESA approved pet around town to stores, restaurants, hotels, public transportation, ride share services events and more.

If you rely on your dog or cat to support your emotional needs, it’s time to get your pet ESA-approved by a licensed doctor. Federal Laws are there to protect your rights! We’re here to help so you don’t have to say goodbye.


ESA approvals help people deal with symptoms like depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and things like PTSD through the special relationship they have with their pets. For many pet owners their animal helps them better deal with the stresses of life.

With an ESA Approval, you’ll no longer be required to pay additional fees to fly with your pet or higher pet security deposits when moving to your new home!

Yes, each ESA request is reviewed by a licensed doctor. Upon approval, you will be sent your ESA approval from the doctor in as quick as 24-48 hours. All ESA documentation includes the doctors full information and verifiable license number.

We have expedited processing options that will get you your full ESA Approval sent you electronically within 24-48 hours. Normal processing takes 3-5 days.

Yes, our ESA Approvals are completely legal in all 50 states and comply with both FHA and ACAA laws and are accepted by nearly every Airline, Housing and College Campuses (Dorms). For more info, click here: ADA Laws

Due to our thorough online qualifying process most ESA requests are fully approved by our network of doctors. If for any reason your ESA request is disapproved by the doctor, you will be refunded 100% of your money.

Still have questions call us expert team 7 days a week, toll free at: 1-855-700-7387

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