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Wherever you go?
Yes, you can when your pet becomes an Official ESA® otherwise known as an Emotional Support Animal

Laws are changing! Act now to make your pet an Emotional Support Animal

Your pet can be approved as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). It’s quick, easy, and stress-free. Doctors are available now.

Feel secure knowing your pet will be able to go along, too.

“No Pets” policy? No problem. Live with your pet in any property.

Freedom to bring your pet to stores, restaurants, rideshares, and more.

Avoid costly pet fees and deposits with your Official ESA® approval.

We know how your pet can relieve stress and anxiety. We know your pet is there when you need them the most. And we know how life can be better with your pet by your side – all of the time. That’s what we’re here for.

We help you keep your pet with you wherever you go. In uncertain times, one thing you can count on is the love and comfort from your pet. You know that whenever they are with you, everything in life is a lot more manageable. So, why wait any longer to obtain your Official ESA®  documents for your special pet? The process is simple and will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with having your official doctor-approved (ESA) documentation in hand, and your Emotional Support Animal by your side.

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are more than just pets. They promote well-being and can help their owners deal with life’s difficulties. Additionally, there are federal laws that protect Emotional Support Animals and their owners:

The Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) allows you to live in any type of housing with your ESA – free of the usual pet fees and deposits. “No Pets” policies do not apply to Emotional Support Animals, so you cannot be turned away when you choose to live with your pet in any type of home, condo or apartment. When you travel, your emotional support animal can accompany you and comfort you while away from home. While you are out and about around town, your pet will not have to be left behind. Unlike other pets, well-behaved Official ESA® pets are found welcome in restaurants, stores, and rideshare vehicles.

There’s nothing worse than being apart from the pet that means so much to you. Don’t worry about leaving your pet behind. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Make it official! Getting your pet approved as an Emotional Support Animal by a licensed doctor in your state will give you comfort in knowing your pet can be with you always. Take the Official ESA® Quiz today to see that your pet qualifies for Emotional Support animal status.
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Take the quiz to find out instantly if your pet qualifies for Official ESA®  status.

Order your ESA approval to take your Emotional Support Animal wherever you go.

In just 24-48 hours a licensed doctor in your state will finalize your ESA request.

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DOCTOR APPROVED - Official ESA® for Dogs and Cats

Real Documents from Real Doctors

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If for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with our service or unrivaled customer support, our team will make it right for you no matter what. That’s our guarantee.

Over 200,000 Happy Pet Owners Served

We’ve helped countless amounts of pet owners across the U.S. keep their pets safe with them. Let us help you and your pet, too.

24-48 Hour ESA Delivery

In a hurry? Don’t wait weeks for ESA approval – receive all the official documents you’ll need for your Emotional Support Animal in just one to two days.

Approval From Licensed Doctor In Your State

Every doctor we work with is licensed and qualified to provide official ESA approval. Once you are approved by a doctor in your state, your Official ESA® documents will include the doctor’s signature and registered license number.

99% Acceptance

Qualifying your pet for official ESA approval is fast and easy. Start by taking the quiz! Our friendly team at is committed to helping you get the documentation you need to keep your pet with you wherever you go.

Gain Access to Official ESA®  Gear

As an Official ESA pet owner, you’ll gain access to our approved line of Vests, ID cards, Collar tags, Leashes, certificates, and more.
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Why people love support pets

I can't thank you enough for providing me with peace of mind.

Support Pets did not disappoint. I couldn't believe I had my paper work in less than 24hrs from applying. I was approved right away and I filled everything out during the weekend, by the next day.

Support Pets, LLC makes it possible to keep your pets close by.

Sometimes life is just hard. Sometimes family gets so busy they don't have time for you. And when that happens its good to know your pets love you and worry about and are there for you.

I gladly give this company a 5+ star review.

I have used their services for some time now and I have had no problems whatsoever with any of my documents. My dog is a huge part of my life as she helps me with both stability and breathing issues.

ESA helped me stay close to my fur- baby at all times.

ESA helped me stay close to my fur- baby at all times. I was able to save money and didn't have to limit on where we stayed or traveled to. Would give 10 stars if I could.

TonYA M.
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Getting your pet approved as an ESA Official® means you can live where you want to live and go where you want to go and bringing your pet along will not be a problem.

Your ESA documentation will allow you to keep your pet by your side when you run errands around town or when traveling out of town. Living in the house, apartment building, or dorm you choose will also be easier and more affordable, since your ESA-approved pet won’t be denied housing and you won’t be subject to pet fees or costly pet deposits. Don’t take a chance – without having Official ESA® documents and gear, your pet might not be protected as they should be.

Your pet is there for you – be there for them and make them an Official ESA®. Federal laws exist to let you keep your pet with you. And we’re here to help you get the ESA approval you need to live a better life with your pet.

Things to know about ESA approved pets

What's the purpose of an ESA Approval

ESA approvals help people deal with symptoms like depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and things like PTSD through the special relationship they have with their pets. For many pet owners their animal helps them better deal with the stresses of life.

How Do ESA Approvals Save Me Money?

With an ESA Approval, you’ll no longer be required to pay additional fees when moving to your new home, Also it can help with eliminating fees while traveling.

Do your ESA approvals and documentation come from real doctors?

Yes, each ESA request is reviewed by a licensed doctor. Upon approval, you will be sent your ESA approval from the doctor in as quick as 24-48 hours. All ESA documentation includes the doctors full information and verifiable license number.

How fast will I get my ESA approval delivered to me?

We have expedited processing options that will get you your full ESA Approval sent you electronically within 24-48 hours. Normal processing takes 3-5 days.

Are ESA Doctor Approvals legal?

Yes, our ESA Approvals are completely legal in all 50 states and comply under the FHA laws, and are accepted by nearly every Housing and College Campuses (Dorms).

Is there a money back guarantee if I am not approved?

Due to our thorough online qualifying process most ESA requests are fully approved by our network of doctors. If for any reason your ESA request is disapproved by the doctor, you will be refunded 100% of your money.

How can I be sure this service is legitimate?

Still have questions call us expert team 7 days a week, toll free at: 1-855-700-7387

If your pet...

Reduces stress
Relieves anxiety
Improves well-being
Your pet can qualify today as an Official ESA® an Emotional Support Animal. Take the quiz to find out now.