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Frequently Asked Questions

ESA stands for Emotional Support Animal. ESA’s are an important part of a person’s comfort and well-being. Many people suffer from a multitude of debilitating emotional distress, ranging from just wanting to feel more comfortable all the way to depression or PTSD. ESA’s help people FEEL better. Many pet owners will get their animal certified as an ESA so that the animal can travel with them and live with them wherever that may be.

Service animals are trained to perform specific tasks and are essentially allowed to go anywhere their handlers go. Emotional support animals are not specifically trained for anything. ESA qualifications are based on the owner needing the animal for comfort. Since the animal isn’t trained for specific tasks, they can still be turned away from public places (ie restaurants, shopping centers, hotels etc). However, once people find out that your animal is an Emotional Support Animal, they are much more likely to allow your pet to stay.

No. There is no such registry for emotional support animals. Some sites promise to “register” your animal into a government database, which simply doesn’t exist for ESA’s. All you need in order to prove that you animal is an official ESA is an approval and letter written by a licensed therapist or doctor stating such.

If a doctor reviews your assessment and you don’t qualify, you will be issued a full refund on your order no questions asked.

We offer 24-48 hour delivery of your ESA approval and documentation from the doctor.

ESA approvals and documentation are good for one calendar year. We make it easy to automatically renew your ESA each year at a discounted rate.

The short answer is no. As long as your animal is well-behaved, there should be no problems. ESA Approvals are based on the owner’s needs, and not dependent on any specific training for the animal. However, even with a Doctor Approved ESA , the owner is still responsible if their animal causes damage to property or harm to others. In most cases, people who are seeking an ESA have well behaved animals, so there are rarely issues.

ESA’s are allowed into “no pets” policy housing. This falls under the Fair Housing Act which states the landlord, owner or building manager must make reasonable accommodations for your ESA. Reasonable accommodation, however, can be denied if it imposes an undue financial or administrative burden on the housing provider. You may also be denied housing if your ESA is extremely large as in a horse or llama. If you haven’t done so already, it would be helpful to read this guide to renting an apartment with your ESA.

At Support Pets, we only use real licensed doctors to review your ESA request. Your Approved ESA documentation will contain the license number of the doctor who reviewed and approved your request. Beware of sites that do not offer legitimate ESA services or do not use licensed doctors to approve your ESA request.

Yes, however, approving multiple animals to one person for emotional support is completely up to the doctor. Each case would be specific to the person’s needs but in most cases it is never a problem.

Yes, because of the Fair Housing Act. A person who is Doctor Approved to have an ESA must be offered reasonable accommodations. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Your ESA approval allows you to bypass breed and size restrictions, and not be forced to pay additional rent and/or pet security deposits. ESA pet owners are still responsible for the behavior of their animals. An ESA approval does not allow you to bypass responsibility for damages caused by the animal.

ESA approvals are a great way to help live a better life and work towards being the best version of yourself. At Support Pets, we believe that pets can offer the same bond of companionship that friends, siblings and loved ones can. We strongly recommend you only purchase an ESA from a company like Support Pets that only works with licensed doctors. Many other sites out there are not providing legitimate services. A few red flags will be sites that offer to register your animal in a government database, sites that only offer accessories and no actual doctor approval, and sites that don’t provide the credentials from their so called therapists or doctors. To have your pet considered an ESA by law you must have your approval and documentation by a licensed therapist or Doctor. At Support Pets, we provide everything you need to get your pet legally verified as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) with full doctor approval. We can answer any questions you may have by contacting us by emailing us at: [email protected]

Get your Pet’s Official ESA!

Live & travel with your Pet Anywhere! Act Now before laws change

Get your Pet’s Official ESA!

Live & travel with your Pet Anywhere! Act Now before laws change

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