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3 Surprising Ways an Emotional Support Animal Could Improve Your Life Overnight


Over the last five years, demand for Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) has boomed by the millions—and that’s no surprise …

Practically any pet owner can tell you about the positive effect their animals have on their mental health and stability, providing critical companionship and affection that can help you get through life’s toughest challenges and make your best days even better.

But most Americans don’t yet realize that there’s actually a scientific basis for these benefits … that the assistance provided by an ESA has been studied and measured in the laboratory. The results have been tested and proven.  And for tens of millions of Americans, an Emotional Support Animal could provide the exact type of help they’re looking for …

ESA Benefit #1: A Practical Answer to the America’s Anxiety & Depression Epidemic

According to a recent study from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), some 80 million households in the USA alone are wrestling with the effects of anxiety and depression. That’s approximately two-thirds of all households in the country struggling with major mental health issues.

While doctors are often eager to solve the problem with prescription medications (many of which come with a laundry list of side effects), some folks would prefer a simpler and more effective solution … which is where Emotional Support Animals come in …

ESA Benefit #2: Boosting Mental Health for You (and Your Family)

The ADAA conducted another study, this time interviewing pet owners all across America, and found that a whopping 74% of pet owners reported mental health improvements from pet ownership, with another 75% saying that pet ownership helped improve the mental health of their family members.

This means that even those people not responsible for purchasing Emotional Support Animals (including practically anyone in your household) could benefit from having one around.

ESA Benefit #3: Living Longer, Stronger & Happier

Another study—this one conducted over 12 years and published in Scientific Reports by Swedish scientists—concluded that dog owners have a “lower risk of cardiovascular disease” and even live longer than the average person who doesn’t own pets. According to the Senior Researcher and the study’s author, it can be “a very efficient lifestyle intervention to get a dog.”

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But lawmakers and enforcement agencies are now taking steps to make ESA certification MORE expensive and MORE difficult to obtain. Which means the time to act is NOW!

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