Get your ESA approval in 24-48 hours

ESA Approvals In 24-48 Hours


    You can with an ESA Approval

* Federal Law Protects Your Rights


An Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Your pet can be with you nearly anywhere! What you need is an ESA Doctor’s approval which will:

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Enable you to go more places with ease and peace of mind.

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Rent & live with your pet anywhere, even if they have a "No Pets" policy.

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You and your pet will be more welcome in stores, restaurants, and shops.

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Save money by eliminating costly pet deposits and waive fees

If being with your pet helps relieve stress, anxiety or calms your emotional wellbeing, it’s time to get your pet approved as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

Federal law protects your right to be with your pet always. Under the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) ensures your rights to have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) in any type of house or apartment without ever paying costly pet fees or deposits. Having your well-behaved pet approved as an ESA will also help you when feel more confident at home, around town and abroad. Restaurants, stores, rideshares, and more are much more welcoming to well-behaved ESAs. Click the button to take the quiz and qualify now.


Click the button below to take the quiz and qualify online instantly.

Order your pets' ESA for federal protections anywhere you live or move.

Then In 24-48 hours a doctor in your state will approve your ESA request.

Federal laws protect your rights*



100% Money Back Guarantee

Feel secure knowing you won't pay for services you don't receive. If you're not approved for an ESA from the doctor, you won't be charged anything.

Licensed Doctor's Letters

Support Pets works exclusively with licensed doctors. Your approved documentation will be signed by the doctor and include their registered license number.

24-48 Hour ESA Delivery

Need your ESA doctor’s approval super fast? You'll get your ESA approval documents in 24-48 hours. Spend less time waiting and more time living with your ESA!

High Acceptance Rate

Take your ESA Doctor’s approval and documents anywhere you go with your pet. Feel comfortable knowing your pet will be accommodated as required by law.

Federal laws protect your rights*


An ESA approval from a licensed doctor makes living anywhere with your pet so much easier, more cost effective, and hassle-free.

Your ESA approval let you live with freedom in any apartment building, complex or house— even ones with “No Pets” policies. Plus, take your pet with your pet with peace of mind: You’ll find it easy to bring your ESA approved pet around town to so many stores, restaurants, hotels, public transportation, ride share services events and more.

Restrictions can be such a hassle, and if you rely on your pet to support your emotional needs, it’s time to have your pet ESA certified by a licensed doctor. Federal Laws protect your rights and we’re here to assist you enjoy life with your pet.


ESA approvals help people deal with symptoms like depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and things like PTSD through the special relationship they have with their pets. For many pet owners their animal helps them better deal with the stresses of life.

With an ESA Approval, you’ll no longer be required to pay additional fees or higher pet security deposits when moving to your new home! Plus, you can avoid pet size & breed restrictions. 

Yes, each ESA request is reviewed by a licensed doctor. Upon approval, you will be sent your ESA approval from the doctor in as quick as 24-48 hours. All ESA documentation includes the doctors full information and verifiable license number.

We have expedited processing options that will get you your full ESA Approval sent you electronically within 24-48 hours. Normal processing takes 3-5 days.

Yes, our ESA Approvals are completely legal under federal law and comply with FHA requirements.

Due to our thorough online qualifying process most ESA requests are fully approved by our network of doctors. If for any reason your ESA request is disapproved by the doctor, you will be refunded 100% of your money.

If you would like to speak with a real person and verify our services, use our built-in chat feature or call us at: (855) 700-PETS

Getting Your Pet ESA Approved

Has Never Been Easier!