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Bringing Your PSD or ESA to the Office: The Ultimate Packing List

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Hey there, fellow fur-parent!

Picture this: It’s Monday morning, the alarm is blaring, and as you’re pulling yourself out of bed, there’s a familiar set of eyes looking up at you, tail wagging, ready to start the day. But instead of the usual sad goodbye, what if today, your best four-legged friend could tag along to the office?

Exciting, right? With the increasing acceptance of Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSD) and Emotional Support Animals (ESA) in workplaces, it’s becoming more common to have our furry companions by our side while we type away on those reports. And honestly, who wouldn’t want their personal mood-booster right next to them during a long meeting?

But just like you wouldn’t go to the office without your laptop and coffee mug, there’s a checklist to ensure your PSD or ESA has a productive and comfortable day too. Here’s the ultimate packing list for a smooth, tail-wagging day at the office:

Indentification & Paperwork

Ensure your pet has proper identification on their collar, including your contact details. Bring along any necessary paperwork or certifications that indicate their status as a PSD or ESA. This helps clear up any potential issues and ensures everyone’s aware of your pet’s special role.

A Comfortable Bed or Mat

Much like us needing our comfy office chairs, our companions need a cozy spot. Bring along their favorite mat or bed to provide them a designated place to relax. Plus, it’s an excellent way for them to recognize their “workspace.

Portable Water Bowl & Snacks

Staying hydrated and having a nibble is as crucial for them as it is for us. Pack a portable water bowl and ensure it’s filled throughout the day. Don’t forget their favorite treats or kibble for snack time (or to reward good behavior during that surprise team meeting).

Toys & Distractions

Bring along a favorite toy or bone. While you’re engrossed in your tasks, your furry friend can stay engaged and entertained with their toy. Just make sure it’s a quiet one — squeaky toys might not be the best choice for a quiet office environment!

Cleanup Supplies

Accidents happen. Whether it’s a minor spill or an unexpected “nature calls” moment, be prepared. Pack some waste bags, cleaning wipes, and a small towel. Being able to address a mess promptly and efficiently is essential.

Leash & Harness

Safety first! Even if your office is pet-friendly, it’s crucial to keep them close while navigating common areas. A leash is also handy for those much-needed stretch-your-legs breaks outside.

A Calming Aid

Offices can sometimes be bustling places, and it could be overwhelming for your PSD or ESA. Consider packing a calming spray or treat, especially if it’s their first few times at the office.

A Cute Sign!

Consider a friendly sign that says, “Working Dog On Duty” or “ESA At Work.” It’s a charming way to let coworkers know that while your pet loves cuddles, they’re also here in a professional capacity.


Bringing your PSD or ESA to the office can be a fantastic experience, both for you and your furry friend. But remember, preparation is key! With this ultimate packing list, you’re sure to make your pet’s office debut a memorable one. So, the next time you’re getting ready for work and those adorable eyes look up at you, maybe, just maybe, it’s a “Take Your Best Friend to Work Day.”

Happy working, and wagging, to you and your four-legged companion! 🐾💼

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