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Subject Line: Service Dog Training is Here. And you were selected!

Preview: As a Support Pets VIP, you were selected for first access to Service Dog Training from the International Canine Training Institute.


You’ve been selected for Psychiatric Service Dog Training

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Exciting news for you (person name)!

We heard you when you asked about making (pet name) a service dog. And we have some BIG NEWS.


Support Pets has teamed up with the International Canine Training Institute (ICTI) to bring you special access to ICTI’s “Psychiatric Service Dog Training” Course!


With this course, you’ll learn:

  • Basic commands for dogs

  • Specific service dog tasks and how to use them

  • How to ensure your dog behaves in public

  • How to travel with your PSD! Learn what you need for air travel, hotel stays, and more.

  • How to answer questions about your service dog

  • All about legal rights and responsibilities with your psychiatric service dog

  • And MUCH more!


AND as our thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us, we’ve selected you for this exclusive pre-launch offer.


Get immediate access to everything you need to know to take YOUR PET with you, anywhere.


What’s All The Hype About?


As a psychiatric service animal, (pet name) will get special privileges:


  • Your dog Travels for FREE on public transport and planes

  • Take your dog with you to stores, restaurants & events.

  • Your pet stays by your side at work, school, and in everyday life

  • YOU save money when pet fees & pet sitters are a thing of the past.

  • Public Access Rights. Where you lead, your PSD follows…

  •  ZERO stress when federal laws protect you and your dog!


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