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What to Pack When Bringing Your Dog to the Office


Bringing Your Furry Pal to Work?

Have you ever caught yourself glancing over at your four-legged friend, imagining the tail-wagging excitement they’d bring to your office? You’re not alone. Offices worldwide are seeing a new kind of employee – our furry companions! And trust me, the benefits aren’t just limited to adorable antics during coffee breaks.

Why Every Office Needs a Furball:

Imagine a coworker who’s always thrilled to see you, helps lower stress levels, and boosts the team spirit – no, it’s not Jim from accounting, but it could be your very own Fido. According to research by HABRI & Banfield Pet Hospital, a pet-friendly workspace isn’t just a fun idea—it actually elevates employee morale, encourages social bonding, and even aids productivity. It’s a win-win for everyone! (And let’s face it, who wouldn’t be more motivated with a pup cheering them on?)

Paws Before You Leap:

Before you start dreaming of playdates at the pantry, ensure your workplace is ready to embrace its new furry member. Always seek permission. While some colleagues might be thrilled at the idea of having an ESA around, remember to be considerate of allergies or restrictions.

The Ultimate ESA Office Kit:

Ready to make your office dog-friendly? Pack smart! Here’s the go-to list for a tail-wagging day:

  • Munch & Crunch: A few treats and chews will keep those puppy eyes glowing.
  • Play Time: Bring along Fido’s favorite toys for those quick play breaks.
  • Clean Squad: Always have wipes and rags handy. (Remember, accidents happen!)
  • Stay Official: When it comes to paperwork, an up-to-date ESA letter is a must.
  • On the Move: Heading out? Bowls, toys, and waste bags are your best friends. And oh, don’t forget that cute little leash!


A Tail-Twisting Adventure:

The excitement of a new environment can get those tails in a twist. Ease into it. Start by letting your ESA get used to the office during quieter hours. Familiar items like their favorite bed or toy can help them settle in. Slowly increase their time at the office, ensuring they (and your coworkers) adapt comfortably.

Pause for Paws:

Always remember, while you have your coffee breaks, your furry pal needs their potty breaks. Regular intervals of stretching and playing can be rejuvenating for both of you. Think of it as a furry version of a wellness break!


Bringing your furry friend to work can transform any regular office into a hub of joy, laughter, and productivity. Prepping up with the essentials ensures a smooth experience, turning even the “ruff” days around. So, next time you’re looking for a productivity boost or just a comforting snuggle during lunch, remember your ESA might just be the best coworker you’ve ever had! 🐾🖤

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