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9 Memes ESA Owners Can Relate To

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Or as we are calling it: dog memes for the rest of us. There is no shortage of animal memes all over the internet. But what about those loving emotional support dogs who support us every day? They deserve a special place in the memedom of the internet. We found 9 totally relatable memes to capture those special moments with your ESA.

1. One thing at a time, Human!

“She said what??? Omg, SO cringey” Talk about empathy! You can (and do!)  tell your ESA everything. Now that’s a loyal friend!


Every time you give your dog a treat, it’s like they’re getting one for the first time. The awe, the wonder! That crinkle of the snack bag, the rustle of the box…  “What is that?!?” We go through this every day, Fluffy.

3. Oops, I did it again!

Cue the Brittney Spears because you just stepped on it…again. That’s ok – we all need some playtime!

4. Good morning, Human! Breakfast?

What better way to wake up?? That grinning morning face makes it a little easier to get your feet on the floor and start your day. That morning breath though! “We are talking to you, Human!”

5. Man Dog, Dog Man?

We love our ESA’s as much as the next person…. ok well, maybe not as much as THIS guy. Whose idea was this? We’re thinking the dog lost a bet.

6. Find your bliss, Linda. We’re here for you!

Can you have too much of a good thing? When it comes to emotional support dogs, definitely not.

7. Let a sleeping dog lie.

This guy supports your need to nap. What a pal. Climb in, cuddle up, and get some Zzzzs…. If you can get your pillow back.

8. Thera-pupist

We’d pay more than a dollar for this cutie’s advice! These should be set up everywhere in the world. Best therapist ever!

9. Work it!

Looks like your ESA got ahold of your phone for some selfie time! Keep trying! Every dog picture is a good dog picture.

We love our therapeutic puppy friends and can never get enough of their antics! No matter how goofy, silly, or technologically challenged they are, they’re the best at making us feel loved and supported. And while they make some adorable memes, they are even better friends!

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