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With an ESA Approval, your pet can fly on any US airline, take them in the terminal and join you in the cabin protected under under ACAA federal laws.


Live in any building or house with your ESA pet regardless of pet policies fully covered under federal housing laws.

Save Money

You’ll no longer pay additional fees to fly, eliminate monthly and yearly pet security deposit charges.


You and your pet will receive your full ESA approval and documentation from the doctor in 24 hours, using our digital document delivery.

Real Doctors

Each ESA request is reviewed by a licensed doctor. All ESA documentation includes the doctors full information and verifiable license number.

Fully Legal

Our ESA Approvals are legal in all 50 states and comply with both FHA and ACAA laws and nearly every Airline, Housing and College(Dorms).

Hundreds of Thousands of Pet Owners Across
the Country Have ESA Pets.

Our Guarantee

All ESA Documentation we send off is provided by licensed doctors.

You will find each doctor’s license number and letterhead included as proof of the document’s legitimacy.

By having the proper authority sign off on your documentation, you are equipped with every legal advantage available under the FHA/ACAA laws. [any kind of symbol we can get to reflect these laws or something judicial in nature??]

But, if within 60 days you are not fully satisfied in any way with the effectiveness of your ESA documentation, contact our friendly support team and receive a full-refund. This is a full-money-back guarantee, no questions asked.


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Multi-Use Electronic Delivery

Support Pets delivers your ESA documents in half the time:

While the industry standard turnaround time is 3-5 day, we have it delivered to you in 24 hours or less, using  our proprietary Multi-Use document delivery system

Why not snail mail?

  • Easily lost or misplaced by mail carriers
  • Takes precious days away from all the benefits you need
  • Could arrive ripped, bent or with water damage

In less than one day from your order, your ESA documentation of choice come to your inbox in a secure digital document, signed in color by a licensed doctor.

Just print it out and it’s ready to present anywhere!

ESA’s Changing Lives

Jessica P.New York, NY

I ordered the Housing and Travel ESA letters on a whim…and it’s completely changed my life! I’ve gone on three flights with my dog already with no hassle and no questions asked. In fact, the last gate attendant I met thanked me for going about things “the right way” and making their job easier too.

Bruce I. Tacoma, WA

When I first took the survey, I didn’t quite believe this was possible. As a construction site manager, I have to relocate for work several times a year. Between all of the enormous flight fees and grief I was getting from landlords, I wondered how much longer I could keep my cat…even though I knew I needed her to fight off the loneliness that comes with endless travel. Both letters work like magic! I haven’t paid an extra dime (or suffered an extra headache) over taking my best friend with me from state to state.

Susan W. Chicago, IL 

My ESA letters came within 6 hours of ordering! Such quick delivery allowed me to sign a new lease in the high-rise apartment of my dreams that day. Talk about peace of mind.

Thomas R. Denver, CO

As a veterinarian who spends all day with animals already, it seems hard to believe that I need the emotional support of my pet. Plus, I have a bulldog, which most people immediately associate with violence and destruction. But after getting my Housing ESA letter, I don’t have to persuade anybody ever again. I just show my letter with a verifiable license number and each of the last three houses I’ve rented all accepted me, no questions asked.

Jasmine L. Los Angeles, CA

As a full-time yoga instructor and speaker, I am on planes a lot. And I need my cat to get me through the rough patches in life just as much as I need my yoga and meditation time. Getting the Travel ESA letter literally cuts my time at the airport in half (and that includes flying in and out of LAX). Plus, my cat never has to leave my side, so she knows that she’s safe and that I’m in complete control of the situation.

Rose A. Minneapolis, MN

I learned about Support Pets just after I started my first semester of college in a brand new state. Homesickness was starting to creep in, and I knew I needed my cat there with me despite whatathe school’s dorm and housing officials were telling me. After getting my Housing ESA Letter, my cat was allowed in my dorm of choice and there was nothing an RA or RD at the school could do to stop it. I’m so thankful! This was literally the difference between me finishing and not finishing school.

Susan K. Toledo, OH

My Yorkshire Terrier keeps me calm whenever I’m experiencing emotional distress. Having both Housing and Travel ESA documentation guarantees she’ll never have to be separated from me again. Just knowing I have the proper documentation when I need it is a comfort and gives me peace of mind.

Michelle L. San Diego, CA

As a freelance marketer, I get to work from home almost every day. That means I get to spend a lot of time with my cat, which I’m thankful for because she gets me through those times that work or life gets me most down or anxious. But when I had to move for personal reasons three months ago, the new landlord wasn’t taking kindly to animals. Then I found Support Pets, ordered my Housing ESA documentation, showed it to my landlord and got my cat approved to live with me in my new place. I couldn’t be happier!

Tiffany Y. Narragansett, RI

Flying home for the holidays every Christmas used to cause my stomach to tie up in knots. The only way my fear of flying could be calmed was if my dog could go with. Now, with ESA documentation through Support Pets, I can bring him home with me every time…even during the holiday rush at airports!

Ayana T. Austin, TX

The last three apartment complexes I applied to all either denied me or asked for crazy fees because they suspected my pitbull to be a menace. Lexi couldn’t be a kinder dog, but prejudice often makes a bad first impression. Now landlord bias has to take a back seat. I just show my ESA documentation from Support Pets, they check the technician number attached, and there’s no questions asked. Lexi appreciates it as much as I do.

Steve G. Myrtle Beach, SC

My job requires me to be away from home for long stretches of time, including flying multiple times a month. But I couldn’t possibly survive the demands of the high-stress industry I work in without my cat to come back to every day. With both ESA letters, my cat gets to fly business class with me and she hasn’t been turned down by a hotel yet, no matter what their pet policy was.

Richie F. Ann Arbor, MI

Having the proper ESA documentation through Support Pets has been a night and day experience for me. Before, I spent every day in fear that I was going to be kicked out of my condo….or somehow be seperated from my pet. Today, those concerns aren’t even a question in my mind, and I’m so, so thankful.

Corey S. Phoenix, AZ

I’d heard great things about Support Pets’ quick turnaround and certified ESA documentation, but I honestly didn’t believe it would work. Eventually though, I realized how much I needed to try something, and the money back guarantee didn’t hurt, so I gave it a shot…Wow! My friends still weren’t completely honest with me, because they actually underestimated how much of a life-changer these letters could be!

Tim F. Boston MA

Though public transportation methods like Uber, city buses and trains didn’t have to accept my Travel ESA letter, I can guarantee it got me and my pet through the door more times than if I hadn’t had it.

Steve O. Orlando, FL

As an entertainer, I’m on the go all the time. Planes, cruise ships, car rides…you name it, I’ve had to take it. My cat Sophia is the main reason I can get up most mornings and function at a high level. So my Housing and Travel ESA letters were a godsend that’s gotten Sophia into every place with me that I needed to go.

Peggy C. Mobile, AL

You don’t know how hard getting your pet on the same plane with you can possibly be until you’ve had to make two connections. After that day, I swore I would never fly again and got ready to face the fact that I’d never get to visit the grandkids. A few months later, I heard about Support Pets. It sounded nice…but did it actually work? I wasn’t willing to go through this again if it didn’t. Let’s just say the grandkids have really gotten to know their Memaw.

Roxy Z. New York NY

Since I don’t have a car, I rely on rideshare to get around. However, going anywhere in this big city without my dog instantly makes me go clammy inside, and I start to panic. A travel ESA documentation doesn’t guarantee you access onto rideshare vehicles, but before having it I used to have to argue and haggle my way into the car. Now, every Uber or Lyft driver has understood my situation and never raised their voice once.

Will D. Kansas City, MO

As an track and field athlete who’s competed in several Olympic trials, I’m always looking for ways to shave milliseconds off my time in competition and in life. Getting both housing and travel ESA documentation has saved me seconds, minutes, and possibly even hours of arguing and persuading landlords and airport personnel that I need my cat with me. There’s no more efficient solution out there for this particular problem.

Amy P. Peoria, IL

My marriage went south, things got really bad and I had to move out and find a new place right away. It was the first time I’d had to find my own place in about 15 years, and I was scared about who would accept my puppy. I knew that if he couldn’t come with me, this life circumstance would be so much harder on me. So I took a chance and got a Housing ESA letter. Am I glad I did….showing that letter to rental management was the first time since the divorce that I actually believed I had control of my life.