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The Surprising Psychology Behind Dog Poop Eating


Have you ever wondered why your pup can’t resist eating on the neighborhood’s (or even their own!) poo? Whether it’s an occasional snack or a complete feast, this problem perplexes many pet owners. While not desirable behavior from any perspective, there may be some deeper psychology at play here, which could help us understand our pups’ undesirable food choices! In this article, we’ll dive into what researchers think makes dogs eat poop and how we might address the issue if needed. Let’s explore together whether eating feces has anything more than disgusting issues behind it!

They want you to pay attention.

Believe it or not, dogs consuming poop may be a cry for attention! When our furry friends feel neglected or isolated, they turn to this unlikely source of comfort. The theory is backed up by the fact that many dog owners reprimand their pooches for indulging in such behavior – leading them to believe it’s an effective way of gaining much-needed one-on-one time with you.

They crave it

Dogs’ fondness for grass is well-known, but you may be surprised to learn that they sometimes crave something even less appetizing. Feces consumption has been observed in canines of all shapes and sizes – so why do our four-legged pals partake? Experts posit it’s an effort to get essential vitamins and minerals not found elsewhere within their diet —proving once again that necessity truly is the mother of invention!

So they do not get in trouble.

Dogs are resourceful creatures who go to great lengths – even if it’s inconvenient for us humans! – to preserve their safety. If a pup feels threatened by the repercussions of going potty indoors, they’ll do what they can to hide evidence (and spare your rugs).

When potty training your pup, show them love and praise for a well-done job! Be aware that adult dogs may require extra patience. However, if any accidents occur, you’ll want to bring Fido in for a check-up pronto — just to be safe.

Poop-eating in dogs may be a strange phenomenon to us humans, but it could taste quite yummy for our furry friends! It’s all due to the differences between canine and human palates – what we find revolting can seem like an absolute delicacy for them. So although this behavior doesn’t make sense from our perspective, at least now you know why your pup is staring longingly after that pile of poo.

Looking for a way to reduce your pup’s poop-nibbling habit?

With effective nutritional choices and increased awareness of the doggy diet, Fido will soon be leaving “poop encounters” behind someone else’s lawn! Make sure they are eating the right food! Speak with their vet about what dog food can give them complete nutrition and help them maintain their ideal weight. If you suspect that there is an issue digesting certain foods, try switching up brands or types – high fiber ingredients found in fruits & veg such as zucchini may cause difficulty when it comes to digestion.

If your four-legged friend needs extra help to stay healthy, vitamin and enzyme supplements can be great additions – especially if their diet isn’t providing them with the nutrients they need. To protect against bad habits like chewing furniture or shoes, there are various deterrents out there, ranging from sidewalk treatments leaving behind an unpleasant flavor on Fido’s paws to neckwear devices that will keep him in check!

If you’re ever shocked to discover that your pup is munching on its poop – don’t worry. It’s more normal than one might expect! Nevertheless, if there are still worries related to punishment leading directly back into poo-snacking, then no need to fret: make an appointment with the vet before things go further south than necessary! The best action in this situation would be to remove the mess and redirect your furry friend elsewhere. Be sure to give them plenty of exercise (especially mental stimulation!) between meals after such an episode to prevent another occurrence from happening again.


Looking for a way to help your pooch kick the terrible habit of snacking on poop? The good news is that plenty of potential solutions are out there, so don’t fret! Analyzing why he started in the first place may take time and effort, but it will be worth discovering what triggers such behavior. Remember – while this might sound like an unsavory practice, it’s natural for dogs (and other animals) to consume their waste products occasionally — gross or not!

While the cause of this behavior may be mysterious, it’s not necessarily something to fret over. If you’re anxious about your pup’s snacking habits, consulting with their vet can provide some clarification and helpful pointers!

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